I’ve been slacking on posting here lately, partially due to my other projects… Ton of work going into vmplanet right now, it’s been a pain in the butt to get new content listed on the new VMware Solution Exchange.  But i am slowly getting my content added there.  Also, I am REALLY enjoying my new Filco Keyboard.  By far the best keyboard I have ever had.  I should have a bit of a mini-review to post fairly soon, and a bunch of pictures.

Black Tactile Filco Ninja

I’m wanting a new keyboard, and I would go with a WASD, but I would prefer something 10key less… I had decided i wanted this nice little filco but seeing as how The Keyboard Company hasn’t gotten around to sending more into Amazon, I’m probably going to have to end up grabbing something else.  I’m not wanting to pay to have one shipped from the UK (especially since I have about $200 in amazon gift cards right now).  So now i’m stuck either waiting, or figuring out what to get… (and trying to find something in the US with browns, and no 10key…