I’ve been slacking on posting here lately, partially due to my other projects… Ton of work going into vmplanet right now, it’s been a pain in the butt to get new content listed on the new VMware Solution Exchange.  But i am slowly getting my content added there.  Also, I am REALLY enjoying my new Filco Keyboard.  By far the best keyboard I have ever had.  I should have a bit of a mini-review to post fairly soon, and a bunch of pictures.

CWEB-105 – Challenge Quiz 1

Challenge Quiz 1

I would have preferred to do better, but I can’t complain (much)…  The one question I got wrong, I was ambiguous, but the page referenced for where this was in the book, stated exactly what it was I got wrong. Apparently they don’t count the “.” before the extension as punctuation, (or the dashes and underscores they recommend).