CWEB-105 – Challenge Quiz 1

Challenge Quiz 1

I would have preferred to do better, but I can’t complain (much)…  The one question I got wrong, I was ambiguous, but the page referenced for where this was in the book, stated exactly what it was I got wrong. Apparently they don’t count the “.” before the extension as punctuation, (or the dashes and underscores they recommend).

Lab 3 – Go To Moon

Still needs some cleanup, as I’m fairly sure i have a lot of tabs, and want to go through and change spelling on what I can.

EDIT 1: got it somewhat functioning, shuttle goes around the first 2 rocks now… still tweeking stuff.

EDIT 2: now finds all of the rocks properly, runs out of gas shortly after the 3rd rock.

EDIT 3: makes it to the moon now with out running out of gas, and follows the proper course.

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