Lab 3 – Go To Moon

Still needs some cleanup, as I’m fairly sure i have a lot of tabs, and want to go through and change spelling on what I can.

EDIT 1: got it somewhat functioning, shuttle goes around the first 2 rocks now… still tweeking stuff.

EDIT 2: now finds all of the rocks properly, runs out of gas shortly after the 3rd rock.

EDIT 3: makes it to the moon now with out running out of gas, and follows the proper course.

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well, I figured out my classes for summer semester…

pretty much entirely CWEB stuff from JCCC.


Also, I took my midterm for acct, and passed it, which gets me a lot closer to being caught up… as long as I can get a C i’l be happy, but that is by far my least favorite class that I’ve taken (well other then the HVCC “how to be a good student” class, that got moved to a different location every week…